about perfectly costa rica

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My name is Ryan Deitrick and Perfectly Costa Rica is a result of my living in, and loving this beautiful country for the past five years. I have always enjoyed meeting new people and have a deep love of the outdoors. I worked in different forms of hospitality throughout my time here. After a few years I had established many outstanding relationships with many people and many different service providers. I remember my first days here and how they were slightly overwhelming, I knew I wanted to see all the awesome things this country had to offer, but I wasn't sure who to go with. There seemed to be many different service providers offering the same thing. I realized by having a more hands on approach I could offer people better deals, while getting to meet cool people from all over the world. In 2018 I decided to leave my hospitality job and dedicate myself full time to what I really like to do. There is a sense of joy and satisfaction I get out of showing people the awesome things that I was so fortunate to have someone show to me. I also found out I could offer people better deals through all of the relationships I have developed over the last five years. Part of which is getting to personally guide the tours for as many people as possible. I am full of gratitude that many days my office consists of a fishing boat or a waterfall deep in the rain-forest. Weather it is your first time visiting this paradise or your a seasoned Costa Rica veteran it is my pleasure to provide people top notch in person service while providing the best prices guaranteed. If your coming to Costa Rica please allow me the opportunity to make your experience perfect!