Dedicated to bringing you the perfect Costa Rica experience.
Dedicated to delivering the perfect Costa Rican experience.
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One of the most amazing things about the tiny Central American country of Costa Rica is the incredible diversity of activities for everybody. Providing everything from serene beaches that define tranquility to a thrill seekers dream world. Miles of black or white sand beaches, whichever your in the mood for. Dubbed The Surfing Republic for a reason. There is always a wave to surf somewhere in Costa Rica. From first timers to seasoned swell hunters this place really is a surfers paradise.  That alone can't be the only reason while Costa Rica racks up three times as much tourism in the region. It could be the five different classes of rain forest that cover the land in beautiful waterfalls and lush mountains. The biodiversity is only second to Peru in the world, and is considered the top bird watching country in the world. Most of all though it is the warmness of it's people, here it is called the "Pura Vida" which translates to "Pure Life." Once you'll experience it, it will be a party of you forever.